Dicken St, Glen Iris

Melbourne Painters Group was recently contracted to paint and restore the exterior and interior of a property in Glen Iris, Victoria. for this project our client required for us to repair and restore all of the exterior sand and cement render prior to painting. Melbourne Painters Group Exterior Painters and Solid Plasterers worked together to bring this beauty back to life. The project being a double story house we required scaffold and our friends at Access Scaffold – Dandenong did a great job in supplying and erecting scaffold for the hard to read areas.

The first step of the exterior side of the project for us was to pressure clean all surface and remove all loose paints and renders followed by render repairs, sanding of windows, doors and door frames. Then was application of primers and undercoats in accordance to the Dulux and Australian standards.

As for the interior preparation we started our work by removing all of the old carpets and then sanded all walls with a pole sander, all door with festool sander and dust extractor and all door frames, architraves and skirting boards were hand sanded. Once all sanding was completed we cleaned the job site and continued with filling all gaps, cracks and nails holes. All surfaces were then spot primed and ready for painting.

Our choice paint choices for the exterior painting was Dulux Weathershield range for the exterior and The Dulux Wash and Wear Anti-Bac for all interior walls. All doors, door frames, and architraves were first undercoated using the Dulux Professional oil base undercoat followed by two coats of Dulux Superenamel gloss.

The end results were breath taking view the images below and let us know if you interest in getting you home painted by the Glen Iris Painting experts – Melbourne Painters Group.

CDK Stone, Moorabbin

CDK Stone Exterior Painting

In December 2016 Melbourne Painters Group was the winning contractor for the painting the exterior of three CDK Stone factories. Our Painters in Moorabbin team along with our Melbourne Commercial Painters

The scope of work and the products we used for the painting of CDK Stone

The scope of work included the painting of all walls, all roller doors, post, door frames and all colorbond awnings. Due to standard paints not sticking to colorbond surfaces we had to use Nutech anti-corrosion Metal Primer which is a water-based metal primer we also used to paint all of our galvanised steel roller doors. For all of our finish coatings, we applied Dulux Weathersheild. All metal surfaces were spray painted using our state of the art Graco 1095 Airless sprayer as for all other surfaces we used brush and rollers to complete the painting. Melbourne Painters Group arranged all access equipment for the painting of this project.

The time frame for the Exterior Painting of CDK Stone

Painting of this project had to be carried out during a holiday period as per our client requirement Melbourne Painters Group completed the painting of this project during the CDK Stones two week Christmas holiday period.

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Fenton St, Ascot Vale

Painting Project in Ascot Vale, Victoria

Melbourne Painters Group was contracted to complete a painting project in Ascot Vale, Victoria. Our Painters in Ascot Vale repainted the interior and exterior of this project. In this project, we painted the front fence, doors, door frames and windows frames on the exterior, and all of the doors, door frames, windows, ceilings, and walls throughout the interior of the house.

Preparation of Walls, Ceilings and Doors prior to painting

Some of the doors had severe runs and drops from the previous coatings so our painters had to sand back and fill prior to undercoating. We used our Festool sanders to sand all doors and trims as we found traces of lead paint in the previous coatings.

The house also had some major cracks from movement in the property over the years so our Ascot Vale Painters repaired all cracks by removing all loose plastering compound, retaping and refilling all cracks. After repairs of the cracks, we undercoated all surfaces filled and applied two coats of Dulux Wash and Wear Low Sheen. Prior to each coat of paint applied we sanded walls with 180 Grit sandpaper.

Exterior preparation of weatherboards, decking and walls

All Exterior weatherboards were filled with an exterior grade Polyfilla M40 flexible gap sealant. The Exterior deck was revived with Intergrain Reviva and re-oiled with Cabot’s deck oil by our painters in Melbourne division in conjunction with our painters in ascot vale team.

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South Road, Brighton

Exterior and Interior Painting of a property on South Road, Brighton

Melbourne Painters Group | Painters Brighton division was the winning painting company for the painting of a property on South Road, Brighton. Our client required the project to be carried out on a very high-standard which meant all cracks and plaster damages had to be filled accurately all surface had to be sanded and drop sheeting the floors was a must to ensure no paint splatter or drops on the floors.

Our scope of work for this project included all interior painting of doors, door frames, garage floor, colonial windows, skirting boards, architraves, walls, and ceilings as well as all exterior painting of walls, eaves fences, doors, door frames and touching up of all windows.

For the painting of interior walls, we chose to use Dulux Wash and Wear plus Anti-Bacterial paint because of it great coverage and benefits of its easy cleanup made this product the best choice for our client.

For the preparation of the woodworks, we thoroughly sanded all surfaces cleaned up the job site by vacuuming all rooms followed by tack clothing all time surface prior to undercoating with Taubman’s Tradex Prep Range. After our interior painters completed the undercoating it was time to move on and complete all of the ceilings, and the product we chose to apply to the ceilings and cornices was the Dulux Ceiling flat white.

Once all the interior painting was completed and our client had seen the great results they decided to paint the exterior of the property as well and ask for us to quote for it and once again our exterior painters where the awarded the project.

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