Why Choose Melbourne Painters Group?

Receive peace of mind knowing you are being looked after by a highly qualified expert
We offer tailor made solutions based on your projects needs
We have been verified by the EBIX trades monitor, meaning we are fully licensed and insured
We’re covered by public liability insurance of up to $20 million
Our team always follows OHS regulations
All work carried out by us complies with the Australian standard code: AS/NZ 2311.2009

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Industrial Protective Coating

Melbourne Painters can provide a wide range of coatings to suite your specific industrial requirements. Our special expertise and skilful staff will guarantee maximum effectiveness of the procedures and the coating materials used.

We offer following industrial protective coatings:

Anti-corrosive coatings
Waterproofing membranes
Elastomeric urethanes

We have special expertise in preparing substrates for these coatings such as:

Abrasive blasting
Water blasting
Chemical de-coating

Special Coatings and other Coating Methods

Melbourne Painters specialty coatings division cover multiple industries including but not limited to:

Oil, gas & petrochemical
Mining (processing plants, ports & infrastructure)
Water and sewerage pipelines and treatment plants

Some of the coatings applied include:

Elastomeric urethanes
Heat resisting
Thermal insulations including undercoating
Fibre and fabric reinforced laminate system