5 Colours to Try on your Wall in 2016

Nothing freshens up your living space quite like a new coat of paint and it’s one of the simplest ways to drastically change the appearance of your interior. Interior colour schemes are subject to trend cycles just like everything else. But unlike a new pastel coloured sofa or rose gold coffee table, a feature wall is inexpensive and won’t end up cluttering your garage or spare room once the trend dies down. The colour trends of 2016 fall into one of two extremes; airy pastels and jewel tones, so there is something in the mix to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences. We’ve picked out five of the hottest interior colour trends to try on your wall this year.

Citrus tones

The seventies vibe that’s currently reigning in the fashion world has made the transition into interior design and there’s a lot of interest in bold citrus tones like orange, lime green, and sunny yellow. Create a central focal point with a feature wall in one of these colours and keep the rest of the interior neutral.

Milky blue

‘Serenity’ is one of Pantone’s colours of 2016 and it seems to herald the beginning of interest in softer tones which don’t have that shocking colour pop factor but aren’t quite pastels. These moody cornflower blues actually have the potential to become a fixture in the design world as the in- between nature of these tones lends itself to almost any decorating scheme. Be bold and paint your living room, bedroom or study in one of these shades to create a light, dreamy effect.


This controversial colour has been making cameo appearances in trendy interior design magazines and the like for a few years now but in 2016 its set to take centre stage. Whether you choose a shocking pink or a barely there blush, pink pairs incredibly well with neutrals and deeper blues.

Red wine

If you want to evoke a sense of dark romance, comfort and warmth in your home, then red and purple jewel tones are the way to go. These shades are fairly timeless and they tend to transcend trend cycles but they pair fantastically well with the current popularity of lighter coloured furniture. Setting this light furniture against a backdrop of dark, intense colour creates a fantastic contrast but really, you could paint every room in your house with one of these shades and still be enjoying it ten years down the track.


Beige is out and grey is in. This soft, calming colour provides the perfect canvas for personal expression and there is a tone of grey that suit’s almost every decorating style.

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